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The Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940 is one of the latest designs in portable dog kennels. These portable dog kennels have a well rounded and thought off design that accommodates all types/sizes of dogs. Unlike previous prison-like designed kennels, this portable dog kennel has a homely feel and appeal which keeps your dog comfortable. Its combination of features makes this the best choice for all pet owners.

 Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

Features of Portable Dog Kennels

The Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940 is most suitable for home use as well as when traveling. These could conveniently serve as suitable portable dog kennels for camping. Each kennel is spacious enough to contain two small to medium-sized pets which gives the user value for their money. In the case of larger dogs, one can opt for portable dog kennels for large dogs.

  • Very sturdy

The wood pieces that join to make this portable dog kennel are of high quality. The wood is strong and heavy. The kennel adds to the appeal of the home regardless of where it is placed. The strong wood material also comes in handy as it makes it impossible for the dog to break free.

 Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

  • Washable plastic tray

This portable dog kennel has a plastic tray that rests at the bottom of the kennel. The tray is washable hence keeping the kennel clean and sanitary. This plastic tray also comes in handy by preventing food crumbs and water from falling to the floor. This tray is also made to match the wood color of the pen hence uniformity that contributes to its beauty.

  • Removable top wire

The wire roof at the top of the Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940 is designed to come off when need be. This gives the pet owner access to the animal whenever necessary. This is a great place to place food in the pen without the pet running away.

  • Removable casters with locks

This portable dog kennel has casters at the bottom which facilitate easy movement. This makes transportation and movement from one room to the next easy and fast. The casters can also be locked when the owner needs the dog kennel to stay in one place for instance in a car during transportation.

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 Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

  • Spacious

The Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940 is very spacious and can easily accommodate two medium-sized pets; up to 10 pounds each and still have room to move around and turn. This means that one kennel is enough for two pets without needing to purchase an extra kennel.

Pros of Portable Dog Kennels

  • Very sturdy

Impossible to fall over or break when manipulated by the dog.

  • Easy to assemble

With the help of a manual, this dog kennel only requires a few minutes to put together even for a first time user.

  • Attractive with a modern look

Its sleek wooden look and smooth finish add appeal to it.

 Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

Cons of Portable Dog Kennels

  • No latch to hold the door open

There is no latch for the door to stay open hence requiring the user to manually do it.

The Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940 is a worthy purchase and a comfortable home to any pet dog. Such portable dog kennels make transportation of dogs easy and convenient for users hence reliable.

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