Owning A Pitbull Dog-The Facts And Myths

Owning A Pitbull DogOrigins Of The Pitbull Dog

A tenacious animal surrounded by controversy in the U.S., the pitbull dog breed is loved and enjoyed by its owners and condemned as vicious creatures by those who oppose their existence.

There are breed-specific laws and regulations regarding the ownership, transportation, and insurance of the pitbull dog breed. Certain areas of America do not allow residents to own a dog that even physically resembles a pitbull; for instance, Denver, Colorado, and Miami, Florida have such laws. Pitbull dogs are the result of cross-breeding between bulldogs and terriers.

Their original purpose was for farm work involving cattle/hog herding. During the 1700s, pitbull dogs were used for bull-baiting practices until it became illegal during the mid-1800s. In time, pitbull owners began using them in dog fights, which is still currently being done today, usually for entertainment and betting purposes. That, of course, is illegal. However, certain pitbull owners still participate in dogfighting’s so-called sport, regardless of the possible legal consequences.

Pitbull Dog Breed-Temperament And Physical Appearance

One fact about pitbull dogs that is agreed upon by those who support them and those who oppose them is that they have natural, aggressive tendencies. The dispute usually lies in who and what those aggressive tendencies are directed. Humans are not the target of pitbull aggression; however, other dogs and animals are. With proper training and socializing pitbull dogs early on in their lives, they learn to co-exist with other dogs and animals without behaving aggressively towards them. Pitbull dogs require a firm, but patient trainer, who understands the proper training methods.

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Some common temperament qualities that pitbull dogs are known for are as follows:

1. Loyal

2. Obedient

3. Affectionate-with adults and children

4. Willful-when handled by meek owners

5. Protective-of owners themselves and their property

6. Intelligent-easily trained by a firm and consistent owner


Pitbull dogs are commonly thought of as a large breed when, in reality, their average weight is 35-55 pounds, and the average height is 18-22 inches. Certain dogs out of the pitbull breed can grow as large as 110 pounds; even so, that is very rare for a pitbull to reach that size. Breeders often will cross-breed pitbulls with larger breeds to achieve that excessive size.

The life expectancy of a pitbull dog is about 12 years, and the average amount of puppies in a single litter is 5-10. Pitbull dogs have a short-haired coat that is shiny, smooth, and thick. They are considered to be known as “snub-nosed” dogs because of their snout shape. The neck and body of a pitbull are very muscular and stocky; nevertheless, they are immensely agile dogs.

Common Misconceptions And Myths About The Pitbull Dog Breed

A fairly well-known myth regarding pitbull dogs is that they have a “locking-jaw,” which means when they bite down on something, it is impossible to pry apart their jaw. That has proven to be an untrue myth that may have begun because of a pitbull’s jaw’s strength. Additionally, there is a myth that pitbull dogs feel no pain.

They feel pain; however, they tend to continue a behavior that causes them pain due to their stubborn nature, which is why it is so important that owners are properly educated on how to train a pitbull before purchasing or adopting one. One myth that is not solely related to pitbull dogs, and is also untrue, is that their brains can swell to a size that their skull cannot accommodate, which causes them to go insane. Doberman’s are included in this untrue myth as well.

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Pitbull’s are used in dog fights for sport because they have a natural desire to please their owners, in conjunction with their strength and agility, make them excellent fighting dogs. Using any animal for dogfighting is considered animal abuse. Rightly so, considering the physical and mental damage such animals experience when subjected to activities where they fight other animals, usually to the death.

It is unfortunate, to say the least, that pitbull dogs are viewed as dangerous, aggressive animals and are often euthanized in certain areas that do not allow the pitbull. Several disabled people use a pitbull dog as their service animal and enjoy them to the highest degree. The controversy over the pitbull dog breed is far from over, but hopefully, progress will soon be made to satisfy both sides of the issue. Only time will tell.

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