How to Train an Aggressive Dog

How to Train an Aggressive DogOwning an aggressive dog is a challenging task. We always prefer dogs that are obedient, playful, well trained, and fun to be around. Hence, how to train an aggressive dog to become an obedient and fun dog is very important. However, training a very aggressive dog is also a big task at the hand of the owner. While most owners prefer to hire a dog trainer, if done the right way, an owner will notice the reasons behind the aggression and work on it.

Follow these tips on training an aggressive dog, and you will develop your dog into a lovable and fun to be around pooch.

Causes of Aggressive Dog Behavior

Before we get into the training process, it is vital to know the reasons that bring out such behavior in dogs. Some reasons could be:

  • The dog owner’s behavior, such as punishing the dog, shouting, abandoning the dog for long periods, not feeding the dog properly, etc., can make the dog aggressive.
  • Fear or aggression towards other dogs or being surrounded by unfamiliar people. This is usually because of their territorial behavior and animal instinct.
  • Contact with unfamiliar surroundings, objects, or situations could bring out the aggressive streak in dogs.
  • Aggression in dogs could also come from ill health, ailments, disease, or not being fed properly.
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 Tips to Train an Aggressive Dog

If any of the above reasons are the cause of your dog’s aggression, you could try any of these methods to train your dog’s aggressive behavior.

  1. If you have a new dog in the house, you should first try to prevent the causes of this aggression in the early periods. You should introduce your pet to all the members of your family and other people to adjust to the environment quickly. You could also take him to places like parks so that he becomes aware of his surrounding, other than his house. 
  2. Try to cuddle and pet your dog whenever possible. This will make him feel safeguarded and thus less aggressive.
  3. You should be able to recognize the signs of aggression in your dog. The signs include barking, growling, still body, staring hard, and sometimes baring teeth.
  4. When your dog shows aggression, instead of punishing him, you should try and calm him down. Punishing will only lead to your dog getting more aggressive.
  5. If you own a puppy, it is the best time to control his biting. Puppies usually start teething and hence nip at your toes or hands playfully. However, if this continues, as a grown dog, he may end up biting you or getting more aggressive. If you own an adult dog that bites, you should be firm and warn him, saying “NO” loudly. If he does not understand, ignore him and leave the room for 20-30 seconds so that he knows that such behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. A handy and popular method is to change his aggressive behavior by treating him and making it a positive behavior. The next time you see your dog barking or growling in a new surrounding or among other dogs, just give him a treat. By this method, he will start associating the new surroundings or dogs with the treat and slowly stopping barking as he expects a treat.
  7. The positive reinforcement method is the best method to train an aggressive dog. Whenever your fog behaves aggressively, treat him, and praise him. This positive reinforcement will ensure proper behavior in your dog.
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These are some tips to effectively train an aggressive dog. By using these tips, you will be the proud owner of a well-trained and obedient dog.


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