Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen 940 Review

For pet lovers, a portable pen or cage designed for easy transport of their beloved canine or feline must be built to last without sacrificing comfort. With the number of available brand names proliferating the market nowadays, the Richell Wood mobile pet pen 940 comes highly recommended.

Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen 940 Review


Built for convenience, comfort and safety, the Richell mobile pet pen 940 is built with durable materials and safety mechanism to provide dogs or cats or any furry animal you wish to tow with you when camping or vacationing someplace.

Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

The Richell wood mobile pet pen is an appropriate portable home for small to medium pets like puppies, terriers, ferrets, rabbits, cats, and other small to midsize pets that do not go beyond 44 pounds or approximately 20kg. This can be used for both indoors and outdoors as well as garages or suitable areas that will make pets comfortable and well ventilated. It provides enough room for pets to stand-up, stretch out, turn, or lie down especially when traveling for hours.

The Mobile Pet Pen 940 Advantages

The Richell Mobile Pet Pen 940 is jam-packed with functional and reliable features.

  • Appealing

It is artistically crafted with matte hardwood construction for added stability and durability. It can easily match a home’s interior or exterior design as wood can comfortably blend with indoor or outdoor environment. It also possesses a sense of elegance especially when being tote around while traveling or vacationing.

  • Tough Safety Mechanism

Doors and wire taps are built with slide-locking system. Base and casters are also latch lockable making the Richell mobile pet pen stable, safe and secure for one’s pet or pets.

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Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

  • Easy Access

Wire top and front door is removable. This gives your pet easy access to the pen without that much fuss compared with other pet pens. Dogs or ferrets can easily go in-and-out for a leak or a walk as letting them in-and-out of their cage is quite easy and effortless.

  • Portable

Casters can be locked for easy mobility without sacrificing safety. Once locked, it can be towed anywhere you and the whole family wish to go. Whether you go nature camping or spending some time on a beach, you may bring your beloved furry friend with you without the usual hassle.

  • Easy Clean-up

The Richell Wood mobile pet pen 940 has a plastic base which can be easily removed for cleaning. This gives your floor surface freedom from any scratch or spoils. It can also hold urine to prevent leaking unto the surface. This one makes a good bedroom for dogs at night.

  • Easy Assembly

This mobile pet pen is easy to assemble. Simply match parts and lock in place as stated on the manual provided. No added tools necessary.

Ritchell Wood Mobile pet pen 940

  • Spacious

The Richell mobile pet pen can accommodate up to 2 small (10lbs) dogs.

  • Drawbacks

Though priced a little higher than other brands, the Richell wood mobile pet pen is quite sturdy and durable. Its wires and hardwood construction are built to last for years making it a wiser option when shopping for a movable pet crate or cage.

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Portable, attractive, durable, safe and secured, and easy-to-clean and operate, the Richell wood mobile pet pen is an excellent choice for pet owners who love to travel. Going camping or traveling is no longer a problem with this handy crate around. Indeed, the mobile pet pen 940 gives pet owners the best bang for the buck without sacrificing comfort and safety of their beloved pets.

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