Pet Stroller Reviews – Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller is one of the best options available to take a pet for a long walk. One can go through the pet strollers reviews available online to find more about Happy Trails Strollers. This stroller helps people take pets to places they usually would avoid, like malls, grocery stores, and restaurants. The stroller contains and protects their loving pet while they are busy shopping.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

The first look at Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

The stylish look with a fashionable Euro –Canopy is an attention grabber. The stroller is available in a variety of colors. It is ideal for people considering buying pet strollers for small dogs and medium dogs. However, if they consider buying pet strollers for big dogs that are more than 30 lbs. in weight, they should consider other alternatives.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller


Features of Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

A mesh window needs to be zipped once the pet is securely placed in the stroller. The net mesh provides cool ventilation and sightseeing for the pet. Some pets are adventurous and love to look around while comfortably seated in their stroller. Pet strollers for medium dogs require the canopy height to be more, allowing the pet to sit straight comfortably, and this stroller provides that necessary height. This stroller also has a back entryway that unzips and rolls up. This stroller is strong and durable with front shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. At the front, it has swivel wheels which help in an easy and swift movement.

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There is ample storage in the form of a huge basket which allows storing necessary items like water, food, pet toys, shopping bags, and more. It also has a parent tray to keep keys, drinks, or treats.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

It is a well-believed fact that fresh air daily is good for the health of dogs and cats. But if, due to reasons like illness or age, the pet cannot walk around on its own, Happy Pet Stroller gives people the freedom to take their pet for a short or long walk through the park. The back wheels have locking brakes which should be used whenever they want to park the stroller for attending to their pets or any other reason.

Pros of Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

  • It is easy to fold and is very compact. Once folded, it is convenient to store or transport.
  • The Canopy is retractable and made of waterproof material protecting the pet from unseen climatic conditions.
  • The stroller has a tether to keep the pet busy and avoid it from jumping out.
  • The stroller has a top viewing window which allows people to keep an eye on the pet, and at the same time, the pet feels secure when he can see his owner.
  • The stroller is easy to use and loved by pets riding on it.
  • It is value for money, helping keep the pet safe and the owner tension free.
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Cons of Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

  • There is no strap to hook the pet, which would allow unzipping of the front zipper area giving the pet a better view.
  • The stroller’s look and style are excellent but can be improved on strength.
  • Assembling the stroller takes time as the instructions are not very clear.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

Precautions while using Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

  1. Never leave the pet unsupervised in the stroller.
  2. While parking the stroller, always remember to use the back wheel brakes to avoid accidents. Never use the strollers on escalators.
  3. Check the pet’s weight to ensure it is under the recommended weight restrictions.

There are many people using pet strollers and providing pet strollers reviews online. Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller has an excellent rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon with a decent sample size. The detail of the customer reviews and their comments is available on amazon.

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