Foam Pet Steps Stairs – Petstairz 6 Step Step & Stair Review

Foam Pet Steps Stairs are very important for improving the agility and health of small and medium-sized pets. Petstairz 6 step foam stairs are generally used for pets of up to 50 Lbs and have a high curly pile shearling cover that is washable. Pets of all breeds and ages can utilize the stairs because they are very portable and lightweight.

Foam Pet Steps Stairs

Special Features of Foam Pet Steps Stairs

Pets with handicaps, hip dysplasia, arthritis, aging issues, and joint problems can benefit a lot from this foam pet steps stairs. However, pets like jumping and this can lead to joint, neck, and joint erosion, especially when they jump to and from high places. The stairs are designed in a unique way to prevent neck and back injuries among pets.

It is usually a great challenge for pets to climb up and down from high places, and that is why it is essential to get them petstairz 6 step foam stairs. The petstairz 6 step foam stairs achieve maximum support for pet weight distribution because they are fabricated and bonded individually. Standard petstairz 6 step foam stairs measure approx 25-26 inches high x 16 inches wide x 37 inches long.

Foam Pet Steps Stairs

The height of each step is 4.25 inches, making it possible for the stairs to be used by pets of all ages. However, you need to consider some things before buying petstairz 6 step foam stairs, including paw length and weight, gate stability, and placement area. In addition, your pets can only have healthy joints throughout life when they start using pet stairs as kittens and puppies.

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The foam stairs are sturdy and soft, making them more suitable for pets than carpet stairs, wooden stairs, and plastic stairs. In addition, the foam pet steps stairs are very comfortable and user-friendly, and that is why many dogs are not afraid of them. The stairs are made from high-density polyurethane from core. The beige Sherpa cover is washable and can be easily removed for laundering.

Foam Pet Steps Stairs

Pros of Foam Pet Steps Stairs

  1. Guarantee sure footing because they are soft and firm
  2. They have a simple and clean look
  3. The stairs enable pets to navigate high places such as window sills, vehicles, beds, and furniture with ease
  4. Guarantee healthy joints through life
  5. They are user friendly
  6. They are tall compared to other stairs
  7. The foam protects a pet’s back
  8. It is light and easy to move
  9. The product is superior and completely wrapped in sheep wool
  10. The stairs give you peace of mind because they make your pet to be more independent
  11. They can be used for small and medium-sized pets
  12. The outer cover is easy to remove and wash
  13. They are easy to climb

Foam Pet Steps Stairs

Cons of Foam Pet Steps Stairs

  1. Foam pet steps stairs are very expensive compared to other pet stairs in the market
  2. They only work well for pets that are less than 5 lbs
  3. The stairs do not last for long
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It is clear from this review that foam pet steps stairs have many advantages compared to shortcomings. Therefore, it is advisable to get foam pet steps stairs because they will give you peace of mind and at the same time reduce pet injuries that occur when pets jump to and from high places.

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