North States Pet Gate – Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Pet Gate Review

The North States pet gate provides an easily movable play area for pets in the house. It can be mounted on walls through its 6 panels, and offers unlimited expansion to provide extended coverage. Its tall standing spindles are made of metal for added strength especially where other pet confinement measures have been unsuccessfully used. The North States pet gate review has identified the following points from users of the gates.

North States Pet Gate

Features of North States Pet Gate

  • Ease of assembly, adjustment and disassemble

North States door gates indoor confinement spaces are made of 6 panels that easily interlock for fast connection before use. It takes less than one minute for pet owners to assemble or disassemble the North States dog gates indoor confinement space, which allows them convenient and fast access to their dogs.

North States Pet Gate

  • Flexibility in design

The pet gate’s versatility allows dog owners to configure it in many different styles. It is light in weight, at only 43 pounds for mobility from one room to the other, and features rubber pads to prevent damaging floor surfaces. Pet owners can set up the gate as a barricade or an enclosed gate, where they can get spaces of 10 square feet if they opt for the enclosed gate or 144 inches if they opt for a barrier. The overall diameter of the gate can further be extended to 19 feet if dog owners purchase two-panel extensions that are sold separately. Positioning the gate as a hexagonal structure creates a free standing play area for pets.

  • Guaranteed safety for pets
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A reliable barricade is provided by the North States dog gates indoor confinement areas to protect pests against dangerous areas of the house such as staircases and fireplaces. This is important to homeowners because they can comfortably carry out housework or relax with no interruptions from their pets. A walk-thru panel is conveniently fitted on the gates for easy entry and exit into the pet’s play area. This is secure enough to prevent pets from exiting the play yard on their own.

North States Pet Gate

Pros of North States Pet Gate

  1. The one year warranty offered to pet owners against manufacturer’s defects is highly desirable. It is a sign that the North States is confident in their products’ quality, which is reassuring to pet owners.
  2. It is possible for pet owners to completely confine their pets in the desired sections of the home, which is what the gate is meant to do.

Cons of North States Pet Gate

  1. The gate inconveniently opens in one direction, which limits the areas of the home a pet owner can place it. The locking mechanism is also difficult to use, and fragile.
  2. It presents pet owners with difficulties when handling the gate especially when unfolding, folding and configuring.
  3. The gate’s opening is too narrow, which makes it inconveniencing to gain access into and out of the play yard.
  4. Pet owners need to bolt the gate to the floor for it to be sturdy. This is undesirable because many are unwilling to do it, especially given the fact that the gates are built to be portable.
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North States Pet Gate

Verdict of North States Pet Gate

The North States pet gate review has determined the gate to offer pet owners a quality product that has been constructed to offer ease of use and durability. It is worth every dollar spent on its purchase.

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