Garmin Astro DC 40 Review – Garmin 220 Dog Tracking GPS & Wireless Transmitter Collar

Dog owners have difficulty searching for GPS tracking collars for their pets due to the high number of devices in the market. For this reason, the Garmin Astro DC 40 review is necessary to enlighten dog owners on the product.

Gamin Astro DC 40 review

Garmin Astro DC 40 Review

  • Update rates every two minutes

The Garmin Astro DC 40 GPS is designed to extend battery life through this innovative feature. The update rates are between the time intervals information is sent to handheld receivers from the dog collar. This allows dog owners quick details on the location of their dogs and what they are doing. Dog owners also can select update rates every 5, 10, or 30 seconds, but these tend to deplete battery life faster than the 2-minute updates.

  • Tracking dogs in dense areas

Dog owners can easily track their pets regardless of the density of the grass. This is possible due to the highly sensitive GPS receiver, which can track dogs as far as 7 miles from the handheld receiver.

Gamin Astro DC 40 review

  • Password protected tracking

It is possible to control the persons who can or cannot track dogs with the Garmin Astro DC 40 collar by a collar lock security mechanism. This is enabled by the PIN protection feature on the collar, which effectively prevents other people from seeing the dog’s position.

  • Turn by turn navigation and Topo maps
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Pet owners can easily find their hunting dogs in relation to waterways or roads. The device offers dog owners full GPS capabilities because they can easily find their way back to their homes. It also provides information on altitude for hikers and climbers, a compass for accurate bearing, celestial information, and an area calculator for planning the day’s activities. Traveling with the device is desirable because of information on city street maps and millions of interesting points to stopover.

  • Location saving capability

The device features a covey counter to allow dog owners to save the location, altitude, and other information on where they found their pets. This information is helpful for hunters because they can easily find these spots on subsequent hunting expeditions.

Gamin Astro DC 40 review

Pros of Garmin Astro DC 40

  1. The battery life of the device is 48 hours with a two-minute update rate. This is the best available battery life in the market.
  2. Tracking a dog is highly simplified because pet owners only need to turn on the transmitter and handheld device to get a GPS signal. Then, after attaching the collar to their dogs, they can set them loose. There are no other complicated setups needed.
  3. Using the device in wet weather should not present problems to dog owners because the outer casing is waterproof. It is also sturdy to prevent damage from accidental drops.
  4. The Garmin Astro DC 40 bundle consists of the handheld device, collar, vehicle power cable, AC adapter, USB cable, belt clip, owner’s manual, and a quick start manual.
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Gamin Astro DC 40 review

Cons of Garmin Astro DC 40

The collar is burdensome for small dogs to carry around because of its sheer size. The device’s price is also prohibitive because dog owners can get cheaper GPS devices in the market with more or similar features.

Verdict of Garmin Astro DC 40 Review

The Gamin Astro DC 40 review has found the device to be beneficial to dog owners. It is compactly designed and highly functional. Garmin has remarkably improved its new product to give pet owners quality and value for money.

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