Secrets To Dog Training Only Top Trainers Know

Dog training can be done successfully on any dog. However, it requires a lot of patience and creativity, especially when training some dog breeds. There are many secrets to dog training that every dog owner should learn in order to succeed in obedience training, and enjoy every moment with their dog. Some of the factors to consider before training starts include the dog’s energy level, exercise requirements and many more factors.

Secrets To Dog Training

Secrets To Dog Training: Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

  • How intelligent is your dog?

The level of intelligence of a dog will determine how easy it will be to train the dog. This is because an intelligent dog will be able to learn most of the commands with ease. However, even though dog intelligence is vital in training, this does not mean that it is impossible to train your dog.

  • What breed is your dog?

Dog owners must be ready for some challenges when training some breeds. Some breeds like the German shepherd, Labrador and Doberman pinschers are well known by many to be easy to train, compared to others like sled dogs.

  • Does the dog have any prior training?

There are some dogs that could be intelligent, but since they have been bred to perform one major task, it becomes difficult to train them on other things. Some dogs have also been trained to work without the help of their owners. Therefore, if you want to obedience train such dogs, you will find it to be really challenging. Examples of such breeds are terriers, bloodhound, and husky. It is important to note that a very high level of intelligence can be detrimental to certain breeds like those used as companion dogs.

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Secrets To Dog Training

  • Which dog training devices do you require?

The main device used in dog training is called a collar. There are several types of collars which serve various functions during training.

Secrets To Dog Training are Dog collars:

  • Flat collars

These are mainly used in clicker training and it is mostly preferred for use in a puppy kindergarten. This is one of the best devices to use when training small dogs. Flat collars are usually made from nylon or leather material and have buckle.

Secrets To Dog Training

  • Slip collars

These are also known as check chains. The collars can be made from metal links, nylon or leather. Most people tend to think that this device is dangerous because it can strangle the dog, but this is not the case. It can only strangle the dog if you do not use it properly.

  • Martingale collar or limited-slip collars

These collars are made of flat nylon.

Secrets To Dog Training

  • Prong collars

These collars are designed to prevent the dog from pulling because it applies pressure on each point against the neck of the dog.

  • Shock collars

These collars work in a special way. As the name suggests, the dog handler transmits an electric shock remotely, at varying degrees of intensity, and from various distances according to the frequency range. This can help to stop the dog from barking excessively or prevent the dog from straying away. The shock collar is widely accepted for use in dog training in most parts of the world.

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These secrets to dog training outlined above are some of the best ways to change your dog’s behavior forever!

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