Best Small Dog Breeds For Any Scenario

It is undisputed that dogs love humans, and humans love them back. Some of the best small dog breeds that can be adopted into our families include poodles, pugs, and Yorkshire terriers. Of all the animal species on this planet, no animal gets along well with people like a dog. Of course, cats do put up a spirited fight in this; still, Dogs have a way of brightening our homes, providing security, and offering companionship that no other animal can.

Best Small Dog Breeds For Any Scenario

Best Small Dog Breeds For Any Scenario

Small dog breeds are the best to have around since they are easier to put up with than those that grow to full size. They remain petite no matter what you feed them. When you want a small family dog, you need to consider these:

  • Age of your children

When you have young kids in the house, you need to find out the best small dog breeds for kids. When kids are in the picture, you need dogs that are exceptionally playful, able to stay friendly no matter what your kids put them through; they should be extremely loyal and straightforward to train. Some dog breeds that meet these characteristics are Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, Pugs, or Miniature Schnauzer. These breeds are very intelligent and love to play; they offer the ideal companionship that children need.

Best Small Dog Breeds

  • Seniors

Seniors in their golden years need dogs that are easy to feed, keep excited, and exercise. In addition, they require dog breeds that are not overly playful or too demanding. Lapdogs are the ideal pets for seniors; all they need is a warm lap to sit on, nothing more. Intelligent breeds like the Yorkshire terrier can be trained to match the needs of their owners. Some of the best small dog breeds for seniors are Cocker spaniel and Miniature Schnauzer; the miniature Schnauzer is a German breed loved for its intelligence and protective nature. It remains happy in any setting, whether out in the open field or within the confines of an urban apartment.

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Best Small Dog Breeds For Any Scenario

  • Presence of Cats

We all know how dogs love to chase cats. They have enmity that you cannot ignore. If you have a cat in the house, the pet dog you find should be able to get along well with it. Although, of course, all dogs can be trained to cohabit with cats, the best small dog breeds with cats are those that can live in harmony with cats in any setting. A good example is the Pomeranian, intelligent, loyal, and has a very dynamic personality. It can easily take training to live in harmony with cats.

Best Small Dog Breeds For Any Scenario

  • Allergies

Unfortunately, dogs tend to shed fur, which can aggravate people with allergies. You need dogs that do not shed if you have children that have allergies; some of the best dog breeds that don’t shed include, Pug and Yorkshire Terrier.

Best Small Dog Breeds

  • Size and lifestyle of the Family

A dog is a new addition to your family, and you should consider the entire family and the lifestyle you lead. One of the best small dog breeds for a family is the miniature Pinscher. Initially bred for hunting, it can warn you of unwelcome animals and strangers. It also loves to play, making it a great playmate for kids and a source of excitement for the entire family.

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miniature Pinscher

Other Considerations in Choosing the Best Small Dog Breeds

If you like sports and keeping fit, your dog can keep you company as you go out jogging. Unfortunately, not all dogs are up to the task. The ideal running companion should be obedient, energetic, and possess the endurance to keep up with you or help you maintain a great pace when you jog. The best small dog breeds for running are the Airedale Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier. Please note that it is only fair to keep the runs below 6 miles given their small size. As you can see, getting a dog is not all about picking the first one you see and fall in love with. Take time to learn about the best small dog breeds, their traits, and how they can fit into your household before you make your decision.

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