Dog Walking Tips – Establishing Pack Hierachy

For any dog owner, the importance of being aware of dog walking tips cannot be overstated. One of the most difficult things to watch is when the dog is walking ahead of its owner and pulling the owner wherever the dog wants to explore. The dog owner may be smiling, but this individual does not realize that the dog now believes it is in control. Dogs crave leadership, and when they do not receive it, they will attempt to become the leader of a relationship. Dogs may enjoy sniffing and visiting trees while walking, but a dog owner can use the concept of a tree to train their dog.

dog walking tips

Use Dog Walking Tips To Let Your Dog Know Who The Pack Leader Is

  • Dog Walking Tips Leash Pulling

  1. Act Like A Sequoia Tree When Your Dog Attempts To Walk Ahead of You

When you are walking your dog never let it go in the direction it desires and never let it walk ahead of you. Whenever your dog attempts to move in a direction where you are not walking stop immediately. Do not move, no matter where the dog wants to go. That is necessary because you cannot let your dog become accustomed to believing that by pulling and straining on its leash, it can control and lead you. Do not move until the dog returns to your side or behind you, and the leash becomes relaxed. Once the tension in the leash is lessened because your dog has come back to your side, then you resume walking with the dog.

dog walking tips

If you have children, then you are aware that they usually love dogs. A dog and a child can grow up together and be great friends, but for your child to be able to walk the dog properly and not allow it to develop bad habits, they will need to be provided with some tips.

  • Dog Walking Tips For Kids

  1. Each Day Walk Dog
  2. Dog Gets Rewarded Only For Good Behavior

Explain to your child that to be a good friend and leader to their dog, they must consistently use dog walking tips, training actions that include taking the dog for a walk each day, and the dog should only be rewarded for good behavior. Teach your kids that the dog should walk beside them or behind them and that they, the child, is the leader of the dog and not the other way around. Also, have conversations with your child and explain to them that even though they may be tempted to give their dog a treat to get the dog to behave better, this is not the direction to take in providing the proper dog training. Instead, teach your child that the only time they give their dog a treat is when the dog has followed an instruction properly.

dog walking tips

There are other dog walking tips and tricks that can help dog owners. When you go into a pet store and look at the dog leashes, most of them can extend several feet. However if you want to train your dog correctly so you can eventually walk with or without the leash while the dog remains by your side, it would be best to buy a short leash. That is a trick that many new dog owners are unaware of but is very effective. With this type of leash, it is much easier to convey instructions to your dog, and you can ensure that your feelings are being understood.

Never let your dog think or act as if its in control of you or your family. Utilize the dog walking tips mentioned earlier to communicate that you, the owner of the dog is in charge, and you will be able to raise a well behaved and obedient dog that will be an excellent pet for your family.

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