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Bringing home a new dog can truly be a life changing experience. But most times without the proper training, your new best friend can quickly turn into worst nightmare. Even though the internet and people around you might bombard you with free dog training suggestions to make your dog behave the way you want, most of the given advice fails to yield any result at all simply because of the lack of professional training information. Which is why it always comes handy to follow basic training principles followed by professionals and get a behind the scenes look at some of the most important free dog training tips to help you train your dog a little better.

Free Dog Training

Start Early in Free Dog Training

Even though most professional dog trainers would advise to begin training after the age of 6 months, starting early can always help achieve quicker results. By teaching the puppy easy to follow commands like sit and no, they have a much better chance of learning things a lot quicker than other dogs and respond more positively to the training.

Free Dog Training

 Verbal Reinforcement in Free Dog Training

During the initial training stages as a puppy, it is extremely important that the puppy is taught to respond to verbal reinforcements. Even though some of the most popular free dog training for veterans suggests that only positive reinforcement commands should be used while training, using negative reinforcement commands like “Bad Dog” does also come in handy to teach the dog when they are doing anything wrong. You should always remember to keep a balance of the commands and not to overuse it as with the overuse of negative commands, dogs can become aggressive from an early age.

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House Training

House training your dog can undoubtedly be one of the biggest challenges you can ever come across, which is why it is extremely important to start house training your dog from an early age. One of the most traditional free dog training advice has always been to place a rag which has been used to clean up behind the puppy and place it where you would like your puppy to doing their business. But this is only half the tip, as it can quickly become unappealing to the puppy and they might end up using the entire house as their toilet. To properly toilet train your puppy, it is extremely important to follow your puppy around for a couple of days and keep a record of how many times the pee or poop. This will not only give you a good idea about your dog’s toilet habits and it will also prepare you for the most important part of the training. After you have observed your dog’s toilet routine for a couple of days, start cleaning up behind your puppy and leave the rag where you want them to use as a toilet. But always remember to keep their favorite treats near by, so that they are rewarded and complimented as soon as they finish using their designated spot. The reward system will help create interest in your dog to use the same spot over and over again, until they start to identify that spot as their toilet.

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Free Dog Training

Social Skills in Free Dog Training

In an attempt to keep your dog from jumping all over guests and licking them to death, you may feel that keeping them leashed or locked while your guests are visiting to be a good idea. But little you might know is that, restraining dogs from interacting with people or other pets actually promotes biting tendency and makes them aggressive. As a puppy starts to understand that they are being locked up or tied to a leash because of the guests, they start perceiving them as a threat and responds accordingly. Which is why it is always best to allow your dog to interact with people and other pets as much as possible from an early age, so that they don’t become aggressive and have a chance to improve their social skills.

Free Dog Training

The way you follow the given training tips from an early age will decide the final result of your dog’s training. Which is why it is extremely important to keep a balanced training regime and follow the free dog training tips, to help create a proper training session for your best friend.

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