Puppy Training Schedule Week By Week

When a person is sharing a household with a puppy, the puppy is certain to gain from training. If the person is not sure where to start, the following puppy training schedule can assist them to get prepared and begin training the puppy. For every week, there are several ideas for fundamental commands that people should work on, together with some tips to modify or avoid behavior problems. The following is a typical puppy training schedule example that can be pursued by individuals who want to offer their puppies comprehensive training.

Puppy Training Schedule

Puppy Training Schedule:

  • Week 1

“Sit” command

In the first week, a person should work on training the puppy to sit. He or she should plan on expending around 5 minutes, once or twice every day working on the “sit” rule.

Introducing the crate

If one has not been making use of a crate, this is the best time to get his or her puppy used to it. In the case of the puppy training schedule for working people, crates are wonderful tools for managing the behavior of puppies when their owners are not around to supervise them. However, a person should take some time every day to let his or her puppy get familiar with the crate.

Establishing a routine

Puppies live on habits. This week, a person should take a little time to make a schedule of playtime, walks, and mealtimes.

Investing in toys

One should do some shopping in the first week, and get different interesting toys for his or her dog. He or she must ensure to include things like Buster Cubes or Kong toys which offer some mental stimulation.

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Puppy Training Schedule

  • Week 2

“Down and emergency remind” commands

During this puppy training schedule age, people should spend some minutes several times every day dealing with the down rule and training their puppies the emergency recall.

Crate training

By this instant, a person’s puppy should be somewhat comfortable in the crate. People should start leaving the puppies inside their rates for longer durations, but not longer than some minutes to stretches.

Loose leash walking

People should also start training their puppies to walk on loose leashes. They should arrange on at least single short walks every day so as to practice this ability or skill.

Puppy Training Schedule

  • Week 3

“Come and leave it” command

The fundamental commands to deal with in this week are the “leave it” and “come” commands. One should spend a few minutes every day practicing these commands.

Stop jumping

This week, people can also start working on training their puppies not to jump upwards.

  • Week 4

 “Wait” command

This week, a person should start working on the “wait” command. He or she may practice this in normal training sessions, or they may wait for opportunities to turn up every day.

Going to one’s place

A person should start working on training his or her puppy to go off to a particular place and sleep or lie down in his or her household.

  • Week 5

“Drop it” command

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In most short training sessions every day, a person should train his or her puppy the “drop it” rule.

Puppy Training Schedule

 “Stop barking” command

One should start training his or her puppy to be silent by working on the “quiet” and “speak” commands. People can achieve this during teaching sessions or they may wait until their puppies bark and use the opportunity in practice.

  • Week 6

Picking a trick

Because the puppy understands many fundamental commands, a person can work on training him on a trick like play dead or rollover.

“Heel” command

By now, the puppies possibly have a pretty firm grasp on walking on loose leashes. If a person wants some more control during hikes, he or she may now introduce the “heel” command.

Puppy Training Schedule

Conclusion for Puppy Training Schedule

At this moment, the puppy should be responding positively to several commands, and a few other behavior problems must have been handled. This does not imply that a person is done with the puppy training schedule. However, this puppy training schedule week by week procedure is just enough to guarantee a person better results.

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