Cool Guard Dog Training Tricks

Guard dogs are usually used in private homes and corporations. The primary role of a guard dog is to protect the owner and his property. Owners typically conduct guard dog training tricks to make their dogs effective in their protective role.

Guard Dog Training Tricks

Cool Guard Dog Training Tricks

  • Choosing a Breed

Since several dog breeds naturally protect their owners even without training, there are some breeds which are easy to train to become certified guard dogs. These are German shepherds, rottweilers, bullmastiffs, Doberman pinschers, and bulldogs.

  • Basic Obedience

You should first train your dog necessary obedience skills before you train it to guard. The command “stay,” “come,” and “sit” are vital. Without the basic commands, you will not be able to control the dog once it locks a probable intruder. When your dog performs each behavior, reward it. Getting your dog used to rewards will assist you in training it with more sophisticated tricks later. Also, you may withhold food from the dog in the morning to make it hungry and willing to train for small snacks in the afternoon, though never starve it before training.

Guard Dog Training Tricks

  • Socialize

A vital part of the training is to socialize your dog to his external setting. That will keep him on task when guarding you and your household. Make him used to common distractions like cats and dogs in heat. Try to force the dog to remain in place whenever he is near these distractions. As well, get him used animals and people so that hell won’t attack randomly.

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Other tips

  • Barking

Encourage your dog to bark once someone approaches the property. However, it is good to train him to stop barking only on command. When the person is a friend, tell your dog to calm down and when he does reward him. If the person is not your friend, let your dog continue barking until you ask him to stop.

  • Property Lines

You can get yourself into trouble if the dog attacks anyone off your property. To prevent this from happening, let him know the property line. Take him around the perimeter of your property. This will enable him to know the boundary.

Guard Dog Training Tricks

  • Biting

If you are only a homeowner, to have your dog bark and chase the intruder is all you need to guard you and your property. For police dogs and commercial guard dogs, the trainer will only train the dog to attack loose clothing or skin of extremities, for instance, leg or arm. The trainer will do this by pulling his hand into his sleeve and tell the dog to get it. Words like “sic” or “kill” are never used. Also, the dog will be trained not to let go until it receives a command from the owner.

  • Food
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When you are training your guard dog, it’s very imperative not to allow anybody else to feed it. Thieves might be smart enough and throw food to the dog, which might be mixed with poison. As well, keep the dog well fed. That will prevent it from taking snacks and other foods from strangers.

Bear in mind that some guard dog training tricks may require professional help, but many people choose to train their guard dogs themselves to save money and protect their home and family.

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