What You Should Know About Puppy Shots

Puppy shots are needed for a healthy and cheerful puppy. Many people get excited when it comes to owning a cute puppy. After successfully bringing the pet in their homes, they realize that it’s greater than the funny antics. When taking care of these puppies, you need to watch out for their health, something which is not very simple.

puppy shots

What’s meant By a Puppy Shots Schedule?

This refers to the layout of vaccines which are to be administered to a dog, together with each of the vaccine’s designated time. This schedule serves as a memento for the owner of the pet, ensuring on-time vaccination of the dog. Disruption of this schedule will create possibilities for dog contracting diseases. A not vaccinated dog is susceptible to one or more of the diseases noted below:

puppy shots

  1. Corona
  2. Hepatitis
  3. Para-influenza
  4. Parvovirus
  5. Rabies
  6. Kennel Cough (Bordetella)
  7. Distemper
  8. Leptospirosis.

Timeline for Puppy Shots

Below are puppy shots and worming schedule that helps to guard the puppies against diseases such as those mentioned above.

  • 6 – 8 weeks: 1st DHLPP1 and Corona Kennel Cough.
  • 11 – 12 weeks: 2nd DHLPP and Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, as well as Lyme disease.
  • 15 – 16 weeks: 3rd DHLPP, Corona and rabies.
  • After four months: Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Corona and Rabies.
  • 7 – 9 months: First Heartworm Test.
  • 12 – 16 months: Rabies, as well as DHPP2, Lyme disease, Kennel Cough and Leptospirosis.
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puppy shots

How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost?

There is no exact figure that represents the cost of puppy-shots during its (puppy’s) 1st year. The cost usually depends on the veterinary doctor and the area in which the dog owner lives. The cost also varies with the puppy shots and worming schedule chosen by the dog owner. Generally, for the 1st year, the minimum figure is close to 400 dollars.

Puppy Shots Side Effects

As it is the case with most human medications and vaccinations, vaccinating a puppy comes with some side effects. The percentage of dogs that experience adverse side effects resulting from puppy-shots is low. In other words, the negatives of vaccinating puppies are outweighed by the benefits. Pet owners need to be aware of the several possible side effects that may result from the vaccination of puppies.

  • Eye or Neurologic Disease

This is the most common side effect resulting from vaccinations and involves neurological disease and damage, including inflammation of the eyes (blue eye) and brain.

  • Swelling and discomfort

It is common for some puppies to experience some pain at the injection-site, together with redness, swelling and irritation. The good thing is that these effects don’t usually last for more than a week. Abscesses may also form as a result of the puppy’s body reaction to the vaccine.

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puppy shots

  • Lameness

This side effect is rare. It’s the Akitas as well as a few large-breed dogs that are vulnerable to this side effect.

  • Fever

This usually brings about decreased activity and appetite. It usually occurs 1-2 days after the vaccination. It doesn’t call for treatment.

  • Coughing

This results from Para-influenza or intranasal vaccinations. Even though it doesn’t call for treatment, it may spread the virus to the other animals in their locality.

  • Anaphylaxis

This is one of the more-serious puppy shots side-effects. In case any of its (Anaphylaxis’) signs are noticed, the puppy should instantly be taken to a vet to avoid any possibilities of cardiac failure, shock or even death.

puppy shots

They need to be vaccinated to stop any health problems that could affect them. This article is going to educate dog owners about puppy shots required by puppies.

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