Dog Grooming Tips For New Dog Owners

Grooming is a vital part of any dog’s health, with habitual combing and brushing helping to eliminate dirt and dead hair, and to prevent matting. Dog grooming tips are important since often groomed dogs tend to have a shinier and healthier coat since it stimulates blood supply to their skin.

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips For New Dog Owners

Grooming a dog can, in addition, be an ideal way of bonding with the dog, and it is important to get your dog used to it when it’s at an early age. Several dogs learn to take their regular grooming as an alternate petting, an additional source of attention and affection. A good quality comb and brush will help with your dog’s coat; however also bear in mind that your dog’s ears, nails, and eyes also require attention.

Dog Grooming Tips

You should give your dog praises and treats as you work. This will make everything more enjoyable for the two of you. You can give your dog treats periodically or long-lasting shower treat. It assists to start grooming them when they are young to make them get used to it. You should, in addition, pay attention to what the dog doesn’t and does like. For instance, if your dog doesn’t like nail trims, you ought to do that part last, and if the dog loves to be brushed, ensure you spend extra time just brushing the dog’s coat out. Below are some of the dog grooming tips at home to keep your dog healthy and happier.

  • Brushing
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You have to brush the dog before bathing to remove any mats or tangles. Try different brushes and combs until you get the ideal one for the dog’s coat. Various dogs have got different styles and lengths on various parts of their bodies, thus you might require some different brushes. Brush mats by holding the pet’s fur just close to the skin and simply gently work out the mat. Remember that dog grooming tips for matted hair are different. Dogs that are long-haired might require daily brushings, whereas dogs that are short-haired are often just fine with brushing at least once in a week.

  • Bath Time

Most dogs need a bath only once or twice a week. As you are bathing a dog, use a lot of warm water so as to keep the dog wet and nice, and ensure you work the soap in the dog’s skin and fur. Begin at the top and then work your way down. At bath time, do a fast check all over the dog’s skin for ticks, cuts, and irritated skin.

  • Haircut

Immediately after the bath, it’s the right time for coat maintenance. You can as well keep the dog’s fur the same length with a puppy cut, or simply trim some certain parts. Consider both scissors and clippers for dog grooming tips clipping. You can also try a haircut depending on the dog’s breed.

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Other Dog Grooming Tips and Advice

Dog Grooming Tips

Let your dog dry off at least 75% before you give it a haircut, and ensure you brush out its coat. For best dog grooming tips especially for new dog owners, it is helpful to have somebody assist you to keep your pet still. If the dog seems stressed or begins to squirm, give it some treats, and ensure you take a short break with some petting.

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